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  • Switching Message Board Software

    As you probably noticed, we currently use UltraBoard 2000 as the message board package for the Roundtable. Unfortunately, it seems that the author of UltraBoard has been out of communication since at least June, and has been down for the same amount of time -- meaning I cannot get author support for any bugs that may arise. I am EXTREMELY hesitant to use unsupported scripts, especially since the UltraBoard code is written in a very awkward style that makes it difficult for me to fix any code problems that arise.

    I have therefore purchased a copy of vBulletin -- the exact same system that uses for its message board. Having determined that it will work on the Roundtable's hosting provider (, I have installed vBulletin on my home Unix system, along with a copy of UltraBoard and the current Roundtable database, in order to determine how to make the switch from UltraBoard to vBulletin with minimal disruption to you or the current contents of the Roundtable. Some vBulletin users have written scripts to facilitate such a switch -- I'm not the only one who's gotten angry with UltraBoard and decided to jump ship.

    However, I WILL NOT make any changes on this system until I determine how to make the conversion with as minimal disruption as possible to user accounts or current Roundtable posts. Once I figure it out, I will let everyone know either here or in an individual email.

    From what I've read, the only hangups people have reported with this conversion process is in the area of people's passwords, which might not be able to be converted directly. If this is the case, I will email each one of you individually with new passwords, which you can then change. PLEASE make sure that the email address in your user profile is current -- you can verify and/or change this by clicking the 'profile' button on the top bar.

    NOTHING is being changed immediately; all work will be taking place on my home system until the conversion process is ironed out. I will try to make the switch during a time of low usage; once the switch is made, redirects will be put in place so that links will not break.

    Thank you all for your continued support & patronage; this Roundtable could not exist without it.

    Clarkson '00 (MIS) * WCKN *

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    I have tested the conversion scripts and the conversion process as a whole. Roundtable posts are carried over with no disruption; however, there are two minor stickpoints with regard to users.

    1. Passwords cannot be converted from one system to the other. UltraBoard stores them in an encrypted format that vBulletin is not designed to decipher. When the software switch takes place, everyone will be emailed a new password. PLEASE ensure the email address in your user profile is correct. Once you get the password, you can change it back to what you used before.

    2. Nicknames (those names that show up to the left of your posts) are also not carried over, but your login name WILL REMAIN THE SAME. Under the new software, your posts are attributed by your login name; those of you who use USCHO's Fan Forum probably are aware of this. However, I believe vBulletin will allow you to change your login name to whatever nickname you want to, so feel free to change it. (Worst case scenario: just create a new account)

    Unless something comes up between now and then, the switch will take place late this Saturday night (27 Oct), since there are no Clarkson games this weekend. The board will be pulled offline at around 9pm Mountain time and all data backed up, and then the new software will be loaded and the data converted. I don't expect the process to take more than two hours. The Emails with your new passwords will go out immediately after the conversion. I will do everything possible to ensure that any links to the Roundtable do not break.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at LGT!
    Clarkson '00 (MIS) * WCKN *