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  • What are the chances?

    Funny story, I was flying up to Clarkson for COGO. I was going to get picked up by a Clarkson employee, but a three-hour delay made that complicated. Fortunately there was an Erik on my flight who was renting a car and headed to Clarkson, so I rode with him. I found out this morning out, that he was Erik Cole.

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    Very cool! What was the conversation about hockey like?


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      Originally posted by MikeR View Post
      Very cool! What was the conversation about hockey like?
      It was pretty generic because I didn't know his last name and, subsequently, who he was. I didn't know him by his face because his heyday was before I started paying close attention to hockey.


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        This reminds me of another Potsdam-based story I heard years ago.

        Charlie Snyder was a Language professor at SUNY Potsdam I studied Junior High School French under his guidance at the Campus School back in the late 1950s. He was a good athlete had played professional baseball in the Yankees farm system years before.

        He had three sons; Bill, who played basketball for Clarkson; Dave, who played hockey for St. Lawrence and coached at Wesleyan for 30 years, and John, who was a first line hockey forward for BC.

        His daughter married a classmate of mine from Potsdam High School, who became a professional airplane pilot.

        The story I heard is that one day, Charlie got a phone call from his son-in-law, who was living in Oklahoma City, that if Charlie could get to LaGuardia Airport the next Tuesday, the son was flying a corporate jet to LaGuardia that day and would be returning to Oklahoma that night. The following week, he would be making the same trip again. Would Charlie like to see his daughter and grandchildren for a week? I gather they had done this before.

        So when Charlie meets his son-in-law at LaGuardia, he finds that there is only one other passenger on the plane with him. For the next 2 hours, he and Mickey Mantle talked baseball.


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          Eric Cole & others

          I met Eric and several other at COGO. Eric is a very pleasant gentlemen. I also spent quite a bit of time with Mike Ornella, Bob Cole and Dave Gray. They were a joy to spend time with over a few beers. Dave Taylor came by and spent some time with us at Maxfields.