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    I heard from a very reliable source the other day that the members of the CU Band who travelled to Minnesota for the women's frozen four had to pay a whopping $20 dollars, each, for the trip. Everything was covered above the $20 for travel, room and food. I also heard that the parents of the women's softball team and men's baseball teams at Clarkson had to pay $450 for the travel trip to Florida during the University's spring break (happening at the same time as the frozen four), so that they could complete enough games for a schedule. The source also mentioned that the band was receiving steak dinners while the sports teams, when getting back on their buses heading back to Clarkson from regional games, get pizza. I didn't think the Pep Band was a D-I program, nor the gulf between the D-I and D-III was so great. Perhaps some wealthy pep band alumni foot the bill here, but that was not mentioned.

    Seems like some, in other sports, are getting a stiff one by those on the hill in P-dam.

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    The spring break trip for the baseball team has always been funded by the team.


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      Pep band did a lot of fundraising this year by my understanding. We definitely didn't get the same luxuries going to St. Louis/St. Charles last year (bus vs. plane, eating most meals on our own dime), and I think it cost us $30 outright. I'd have to check, but I think pep band pulled in quite a bit of money in the LetsCUGive Campaign this fall.

      Besides, pep band is a club so it's in a completely different administrative division of Clarkson than the sports team. WCKN may have more grounds to complain about not getting that money however…
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        In the past, board members and other benefactors have contributed significantly out of their personal coffers to fund such trips for the band.

        This seems rather petty to bring up, imho.


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          Here is the link to the lets CU give fundraiser from fall 2017, under the donors tab you can see that pep band (the only organization that is a club, and not a school sports team) raised $12k.
          #LetsCUGive! Support all of our Golden Knight teams during CU Athletics Giving Day. Every donor counts-invest in our athletes today!


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            One of the best pep bands in college hockey, I guess Michigan Tech could rival them but mileage wise I don't think there's one band even close. They deserve whatever perks they get.