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    Well I hope all on this board and friends of Clarkson realize how lucky CU is with the ADMIN Support and Support of The PREZ and Board of Trustees. 11 miles down the road, you are witnessing arguable a how NOT to hire case study. How would anyone like to get a phone call now, realizing you are THIRD best. Not only is salary light at best (+/- 85K less than tech); and Admin that doesn't fully support D1 hockey; limited operating budget; facilities that are below avg (Even with a $17MM renovation--contrast that to $40MM ? at Tech); lack of a full time dedicated strength coach....
    While I don't root for SLU I don't want them to be the worst team in NCAA....I've read many reports on Coaches that become AD that have failed. While those with a business background excel. I think the 11 mile difference proves this point. Please SLUZER VILLE get a coach (but not too good of one and to TECH fans Think of what could happen with wrong Prez, AD etc....Lastly thanks to Casey and staff b/c we are going in the RIGHT direction.
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    Originally posted by ndlax View Post
    ......... and to TECH fans Think of what could happen with wrong Prez, .........
    Denny Brown. Need I say more.


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      Originally posted by vicb View Post

      Denny Brown. Need I say more.
      The AD before Stevie Y
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        Kinda will take years to right this ship....and it is always nice to have a tough counterpart when visitors come to town. Now, no one cares about SLU.... they have their sights on us.
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          Even when SLU was terrible, Coach Marsh had teams that gave you a game. These guys over in Canton now just seem to roll over and the situation isn't getting any better. I would like to see them improve so we can get back to the days when teams feared the North Country trip.