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  • UVM/Clarkson

    Ack...Catamounts have a 5-2 lead going into the 3rd period.

    Clarkson '00 (MIS) * WCKN *

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    P A T H E T I C ! ! ! !

    6-3 UVM


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      what a joke...

      Latulippe, Derochers (short handed) and ______ got our goals...
      still 6-3 now. Thanks for the feed Scott. CU is taking a time out
      Tim B.


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        Lush had a goal, not sure about the others... I know they said McFeeters missed an open net


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          17 seconds left in the CU powerplay. O'F to Jones. Penalty over. Full strength. Jones up to center. Lost it. UVM dumps it back into CU zone.

          Jones behind his own net. Edwards back into Catamounts zone. Edwards centred it..UVM overtakes it.
          Bahen couldnt keep it in. Offside.

          7:03 to go in 3rd period.
          This is I am thinking for a 4 point weekend and we cant even beat UVM. This is not good.

          Campana back to BAhen. Then Lush. Then tries to get it back to BAhen but intercepted by UVM player.
          CU is working real hard (UVM's radio announcers)...CU is trying to get UVM to take a penalty, but they are holding it together.

          Reid for CU, still 6-3. Genovy around the boards, tries to shoot. Taken away. O'F with it in deep. Whistle.
          Tim B.


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            we suck!


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              O'f on the draw. Long shot from Jones, no luck. UVM goes in CU zone. strong. shot. save

              Who is in net???

              Lat takes it back and into UVM's zone. lost the puck. Real dirty play by Jay'on Jay, you dont need to do cheap shots!!!

              4:48 to go in 3rd period.

              Miller to centre. deflected up over boards. Jay Lat gets a holding call. WHAT IS A MATTER WITH US!!!!!!!

              Walsh is in net. Why would they start him, why wouldnt they start Traylen??? I thought Coach Parker said that he was going to have whoever lost, the other gets in.

              CU still on the PK. Campana to Carosa. 18 secs left in UVM's PP.

              Carosa cant clear it. UVM shoots. saved by Walsh.
              Tim B.


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                I hardly think that is necessary Scott. We do stink tonight, but you dont have to write it so big...

                Carosa up RW side. taken from UVM and back into CU zone. Walsh makes a save.

                lots of booing...sounds like CU is fighting. What a joke. See we get frustrated and then start taking stupid penalties.
                Tim B.


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                  UVM got two double minors (holding &hitting after the whistle) and CU got one double minor.

                  CU on PP, 1:30 to go in 3rd...looks like their will be no 4 pointer.

                  O'f shoots. nice save by UVM goalie.
                  :57 secs to go in 3rd.

                  Looks like it is over

                  WHAT WENT WRONG??? I only heard the last 10 minutes of the game.
                  Tim B.


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                    Unfortunatley, that's as big as it would go. Yes, we DO suck that bad, totally pathetic season.

                    Traylen started, and was pulled after letting in the 1st 4 goals.


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                      Matt Syr is fighting...STOP FIGHTING!!! WE ALWAYS GET THE PENALTIES!!!

                      SLU is down 5-2 to Dartmouth.
                      Tim B.


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                        Stop coddling these knuckleheads! for god's sake, if they can't handle 1/2" high "we suck" messages, then we might as well pack up and all head home.

                        Hopefully the point will start to resonate at some point, and these guys will wake up from this bad dream.

                        At least we can look forward to one of Parker's "golly gee we played hard" quotes tomorrow.


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                          What a terrible night...
                          Tim B.