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CLARKSON VERSUS the colorado tigers February 2, 2008

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  • CLARKSON VERSUS the colorado tigers February 2, 2008

    The Golden Knights are just beginning their second game against colorado college, and Clarkson is on the power play.

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    The power play is over, and the Golden Knights did not score.

    Bob just announced that Tim Marks is not playing toknight....Dan Tuttle is replacing him.

    Both Shea and Steve took good shots on goal...but no score yet.


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      Tom Pizzo is playing toknight, and it seems like a while since he has been in the lineup. I didn't know if he was hurt or not.

      Clarkson is outshooting the tigers by a 5 ~ 2 margin....well that's a better beginning than last knight.

      A tiger defenseman skated around the Clarkson defense and went in to score....what a bummer.

      The score is now the tigers 1....and Clarkson no score.


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        More bad news...Dan Reed is called for tripping and goes to the sin bin. CC is second in the country on the power play.

        Oh dear, David Leggio never saw the tigers goal go right past him into the net.

        Now, the tigers lead by two goals.


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          Ty Mason just blocked another attempt by the tigers to score.

          David Leggio just made another good save.....and another one.

          It sounds like a lot of slashing is going on....and not being called.

          Tyrell Mason's stick is held, the referee looks at the infraction, and calls nothing.

          Shots on goal are tied at 6 ~ 6, but the score tells a different story...with the Golden Knights behind by two goals.


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            Nick Dodge made a good shot on goal.

            Period 1 ends with a colorado lead 2 ~ 0.

            This could be a very long knight.


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              Period 2 has begun....I hope the Golden Knights are ready.

              A hard shot by the tigers just goes by the goal.

              Brandon DeFazio takes a shot on goal. David Cayer regains possession of the puck.

              Adam Bellows feeds the puck to Lauri Tuohimma who got a shot off at the tigers' goaltender.

              The score is still a pathetic lead of two goals by the tigers.


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                Oh how horrible, Dan Reed tried to bounce the puck off the takes a bad bounce and the tigers retrieve the puck and go in on a three on two to score their third goal.

                And we thought nothing could be as terrible as the Clarkson game last knight!

                Now the tigers nearly scored again. It appears that this game is nearly out of reach for the Golden Knights, and we are not even half way through it yet.


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                  It's probably time to quit.....the tigers just scored their fourth goal of the knight. Last knight there were over 6, 600 fans there in attendance...and probably at least 95% of them were cheering against the Golden Knights. I assume it is the same scenario this evening.

                  Well, now Phil Paquet is going to the penalty box.

                  Another power play for the tigers...and they score again to raise their lead to 5 goals over the Golden Knights. I think the tigers have had two power plays in this game and scored on both of them.


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                    Tim Potter has replaced David Leggio in goal. After allowing ten goals this weekend, David's goals against average must have increased a bit.

                    Steve Zalewski is tripped coming out of the zone...and again no call was made. Maybe the Murphy brothers are refereeing toknight?

                    Dan Tuttle tips the puck, which goes just wide of the net.

                    The tigers are still trying to embarrass the Golden Knights even more, attempting to score additional goals. Where is the Clarkson defense? Tim Potter makes another save on the tigers.


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                      I can foresee a big Clarkson fall from among the top ten teams in the national polls on Monday.

                      Pressure is still exerted by the tigers as the Golden Knights have another player in the penalty box.

                      Lauri Tuohimma and Steve Zalewski both take shots on goal, but saves were made on both.

                      Period 2 ends with the Golden Knights behind by five goals. I guess the most we can hope for is not being shut out.

                      It is too painful to listen to this massacre much fact, I quit.
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