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CLARKSON VERSUS the brownies, February 15, 2008

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  • CLARKSON VERSUS the brownies, February 15, 2008

    Okay, here we go folks.

    Good luck to the Clarkson Golden Knights toknight as they begin a four-game road trip. We will start this evening in Providence, Rhode Island, and do our best to beat the brownies.

    I can hear the Clarkson Pep Band already....what enthusiasm they add to the hockey environment.

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    Steve Zalewski wins the face off....Grant Clitsome feeds Dan Reed who falls and Brown takes a shot on David Leggio.

    Chris D'Alvise takes a shot, high and wide. Brown also took a shot on our goal.


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      Well, Tim Marks is back in the lineup.

      Brown takes a tripping penalty.

      Clarkson seems to be controlling the power play for about 45 seconds.

      Too bad, after a couple of good Clarkson shots, the power play expires. Clarkson could not score.


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        Scott Freeman brings the puck into the Brown zone.

        Control switches back and forth.

        Shea Guthrie takes a pass from Dan Reed, and Shea shoots the puck on goal.

        Nick Dodge brings the puck across the line and passes to Brandon DeFazio, who takes a good shot on goal.


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          Clarkson is putting on good pressure in the Brown zone.

          11:07 remains in Period 1.

          Brown scores on the high glove side of David Leggio BUMMER

          brown 1 CLARKSON 0


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            Goldie, you should come into the chat room. It's friendly, I promise... eww.. 2-0 brown.


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              Brown is putting some good pressure on Clarkson. Their goal is the first one David Leggio has given up in over 100 minutes of play.

              Oh a missed pass by Clarkson...those little brownies just scored their second goal of the evening. awful, simply awful. Clarkson is down by two goals.


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                Thank you, daredevilCU. I don't think I am even registered to be there, and I do enjoy what I am doing right now....except I hate it when the Golden Knights are behind.

                Chris D'Alvise fired a shot on the brown goalie, but missed.


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                  Shea Guthrie was buried in the corner....scored Clarkson's first goal on a wrap around. Grant Clitsome earns the assist, and possibly Scott Freeman earns one too.

                  CLARKSON 1......those darn brownies....2
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                    Matt Beca has a couple of chances to tie the game.

                    Clarkson is on the power play again. Grant Clitsome takes a shot on goal.
                    CU power play is over.

                    Brown is still blasting that puck at David Leggio....those little varmints.
                    Brown is getting way too many chances to shoot at David.

                    Shea Guthrie takes another shot on goal, and a second one.

                    Nick Dodge and Grant Clitsome go in on a two-on-one....but you know what happened....nothing.

                    Period 1 ends with the score CLARKSON 1....the brownies...2
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                      Period 2 has begun.

                      Clarkson outshot the brownies 18 ~ 10 in the first period.

                      Brandon DeFazio shoots on goal.

                      I don't know (m)any of the brown players, so I don't call them by name. Quite honestly, I don't need to know any of them anyway.

                      David Leggio made a couple of good saves, and Clarkson comes down the ice.


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                        Now Chris D'Alvise takes a shot on the brown goal. Brown also had a good chance to score...but didn't.

                        Dan Tuttle wins the faceoff, but brown gets the puck shortly afterwards.

                        Tim Marks takes a shot on goal...Bryan Rufenach's shot is blocked.

                        Adam Bellows is hooked down, but no call against the brownies....their next victim is Scott Freeman who is slashed at...and again no call is made.


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                          11 minutes left in Period 2.

                          The score is not a good one for the Golden Knights...

                          Clarkson 1...the bad little brownies....2


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                            The net is lifted off its moorings....faceoff in brown's zone.

                            Steve Zalewski takes a good shot, it hits the ankle of a brownie and rebounds out, but Steve could not knock the puck in the net. Did we forget that brown is in 11th place or tied for 11th place?


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                              David Leggio makes a pad save....a punch is thrown at Tim Marks....both of them receive a penalty. Four on four helps Clarkson as we are down by a goal.

                              Phil Paquet controls the puck for a while, but it is taken away from him.

                              Matt Beca just misses scoring, and Grant Clitsome did not fare any better.