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CLARKSON VERSUS the yale bulldogs February 16, 2008

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    We can't afford to give the bulldogs any more power plays....and I literally mean "give" in gift from the referee.

    David Leggio makes a couple of good saves in the waning seconds of the yale power play.

    The power play is unsuccessful for yale again.

    One of the bulldogs jumps on Tim Marks....unfortunately Tim and a bulldog go to the penalty box. We are playing 4 on 4.

    David Cayer had a good shot on goal.

    Period 2 ends with a 2 ~ 2 tie.


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      David Leggio has made 19 saves and the bulldog goaltender has made 25 saves.

      Period 3 has begun. No room for mistakes in this period, Clarkson.

      Brandon DeFazio took a one-timer shot, but the bulldog goalie made the save.

      Icing called against Clarkson.

      Grant Clitsome is hooked, and the Golden Knights will soon begin their sixth power play.


      Clarkson has a couple of good chances, but the bulldogs shoot the puck down the ice.

      Ty Mason shoots, the puck is tipped, but the save is made.

      The power play is over....without any good results.


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        Yale exerts some pressure, but Clarkson passes the puck out of the zone.

        Dan Tuttle to Mike Arciero....Clarkson retains possession for a while.

        13:13 remains in this third period.

        OH MY, too many men on the ice called against the bulldogs.

        Power play # 7 for Clarkson.

        Clarkson controls the puck for a reasonable amount of time, but yale sends it down the ice.

        Power play over for Clarkson.


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          David Leggio, on his back with his glove in the air, stops a yale!
          This was a game-saving stop for David.

          Yale is now on another power tough Clarkson Golden Knights.

          Adam Bellows is tripped up and Clarkson goes on the power play too.

          David Leggio attempted to stop the puck, but it goes through the five hole into the back of the net off David. George Roll has requested the referee come over to speak to him.

          Darn it, yale now has 3 goals and Clarkson has only 2.


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            Yale is starting to win the battles along the boards.

            Matt Beca shoots, Nick shoots, Steve shoots, and the puck would not go into the net.

            A shot goes over David Leggio's shoulder into the net.

            Score is 4 ~ 2 bulldogs.....yale scores two goals in a little over two bad is that? very very bad.


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              Yale is still exerting pressure inside the Clarkson zone.

              Brandon DeFazio shoots the puck, but it is stopped by the bulldog's goaltender.

              Yale penalty for there still hope?

              Darn it, yale sends the puck down the ice.

              And they do the same thing again.

              Clarkson may have an empty net?

              Dan Tuttle was knocked down and hurt, but he get ups and skates off the ice.

              Yale knocks the puck down the ice again...the power play is over.

              48 seconds remain in the game.


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                Oh rats, yale just scored another goal....into an empty net.

                David returns to his goal.

                FINAL SCORE

                CLARKSON...2 the bulldogs...5

                I don't think Clarkson deserved to win this game because they were outplayed by yale....what a shame at a time when points are so vital....a most disconcerting evening.


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                  Sunday, February 17, 2008 11:20 AM

                  Well, the morning after is as dismal as the knight before. Coach Roll had some comments published in an area newspaper about the game against Yale. And I have paraphrased some of the other information.

                  "We had a very good start to the was probably the best we played all weekend. We made one mistake and turned the puck over....then we took a penalty." On both occasions, Yale was able to capitalize on Clarkson's mistakes and score. After Yale's second goal, David Leggio and Nick Dodge protested that David had been run over by a Yale player....obviously to no avail. In regard to Yale's third goal, George believes the referee blew the whistle three seconds BEFORE the puck crossed the line. Yale's fourth goal hit a CU player and hopped into the net. "Yale's fourth goal was just a lucky bounce. David Leggio never saw it go in." The fifth Yale goal was shot into an empty net.

                  "Our guys played hard tonight. I have no issues with the way we played. The power play was the big thing."

                  Undoubtedly, the long bus trip back to Potsdam was not a happy one...even though we are still clinging to first place....a mere two points ahead of the Princeton Tigers, who currently stand alone in second place.

                  Will the season go right down to the wire again with our final game to be thankfully played at Cheel Arena on March 1 against Quinnipiac?



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                    HOW can Roll have no issues with the way we played tonight??? All season long after what appears to fans as mediocre effort Roll continues to say he's pleased with how we played and the effort we put out. I can't understand how losing to a middle-of-the-pack team and going 0-9 on the power play (even if Yale got 4 lucky goals) can possibly be construed as acceptable effort.