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CLARKSON versus union, March 6, 2009

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    Paul Karpowich makes a save, and Tom Pizzo is called for a hold.

    The onions are going on another power play.

    Paul Karpowich makes a save on a shot at the net.

    Lauri Tuohimma takes a faceoff for Clarkson, and Dan Reed attempts to clear the puck.

    Dan Tuttle breaks out and shoots a bit wide of the Union goal.

    Chris D'Alvise takes the puck and shoots on the Union goal.

    The onion's power play ends with no goals.


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      Phil Paquet is no longer on the Clarkson bench.

      Mark Borowiecki connects with a teammate and the puck moves towards the Union net.

      Shea Guthrie takes a good shot at the Union net.

      Clarkson has really picked up its tempo during this seocnd period, aided by two quick goals at the beginning of the period.

      Brandon DeFazio is tripped up....and guess call.


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        Paul Karpowich made a pad save on a puck shot from the crease.

        Well, good news...Phil Paquet is back on the ice.

        Another Union shot is turned away by Paul Karpowich.

        I hear the Clarkson Pep Band playing....that is always a great thing to hear.

        Tim Marks carries the puck across the line. Shea Guthrie shoots at the Union goal.

        Scott Freeman passes to Shea Guthrie. Bryan Rufenach has the puck, with about four minutes left to play in the second period.


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          Both Nick Tremblay and Brandon DeFazio take shots on goal.

          Shea Guthrie has the puck again, and Lauri Tuohimma took a shot too.

          Now Paul had to make two good saves.

          Matt Beca to Chris D'Alvise to Shea Guthrie to Matt Beca to Dan Reed to Matt Beca who takes a second shot on goal.

          Louke Oakley took a shot on the Union net.

          Mark Borowiecki takes the puck and passes it to a teammate.


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            Dan Tuttle is knocked call...where is John Murphy these days?

            Paul Karpowich makes a save and holds on to the rebound.

            Dan Reed passes to Matt Beca and the puck moves along.

            Period 2 ends in a tie....CLARKSON...3...union...the same.


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              Here we go, folks, Period 3 begins.


              Phil Paquet is back playing....that's a relief.

              Scott Freeman passes to Julien Cayer at the Union blue line, and the puck is brought in by Tim Marks. Adam Bellows takes the puck and passes it to Jake Morley.

              Tom Pizzo to Shea Guthrie to Matt Beca. Clarkson is still in control of the puck....Mark Borowiecki to Lauri Tuohimma. Brandon DeFazio knocks an onion to the ice.

              Dan Reed hits a Union player, and Julien Cayer takes the puck. Dan Reed is hooked down.....where are you John Murphy? Did you leave Messa Rink?

              Adam Bellows takes a shot at the Union net.


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                Matt Beca to Chris D'Alvise towards the net. Mark Borowiecki to Nick Tremblay to Brandon DeFazio.

                Union takes a shot on Paul Karpowich, but he easily makes the save.

                Darn it, Union just scored on a rebound....a Golden Knight was tripped just prior to the Union score....but no penalty was called although Clarkson protested.

                CLARKSON....3....union 4....rats

                11:35 remains in Period 3


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                  Shea Guthrie is hauled down from behind, but he regains the puck and tries a wrap-a-round.

                  I hear the Clarkson Pep Band's chant...Here We Go Clarkson, Here We Go...let's hope it helps the Golden Knights score a goal.

                  Dan Tuttle to Tim Marks and Union gets the puck. Now Bryan Rufenach has the puck and fires a shot at the net.

                  Paul Karpowich makes another save.

                  About eight minutes left in Period 3.

                  LET'S GO TECHER'S....WE NEED A GOAL.
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                    Paul Kaprowich makes an unbelievable sliding save against the onions. Clarkson only has 18 shots on goal.....they need a lot more than that.

                    Phil Paquet to Lauri Tuohimma to Nick Tremblay, and the puck goes out of Clarkson's control.

                    Shea Guthrie and Matt Beca both shoot and the puck is also shot by Bryan Rufenach, who almost scored.....good pressure by Clarkson.

                    Louke Oakley has the puck and it goes to Scott Freeman. Chris D'Alvise and Shea Guthrie pass the puck, and Bryan Rufenach now has the puck.

                    Matt Beca is knocked down and Bryan Rufenach controls the puck, as Clarkson tries to get the equalizer.


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                      About four minutes left in Period 3, as Union goes in offside.

                      Scott Freeman, Brandon DeFazio, and Lauri Tuohimma are back on one line. Lauri is called for tripping...this is Clarkson's fourth penalty at 16:03 of Period 3....bummer.

                      Paul Kaprowich makes a great save and the puck is still in the Union zone......another shot on the Clarkson goal.

                      Well, that's it....Union scored its fifth goal on a power play as Clarkson could not get the puck out of the zone. What a total shame that happened.

                      Clarkson is behind by two goals with a little over two minutes remaining in the game.


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                        Paul Karpowich leaves the Clarkson net. Matt Beca moves toward the goal, but no shot is taken.

                        Paul Karpowich is back in the Clarkson goal.

                        Nick Tremblay hit the post, but the puck did not go in.

                        Union has five goals.....CLARKSON has sad.


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                          What a disappointment....

                          Union wins the darn game by a two-goal margin.

                          The Clarkson coaching staff wanted to talk with John Murphy, who being his usual classless self, just skates away.