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CLARKSON at harvard, November 21, 2009

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  • CLARKSON at harvard, November 21, 2009

    Harvard capitalized on a mishandled puck behind the Clarkson net and scored the first goal of the game in the sixth minute of the first period.

    Dan Reed is sent to the penalty box so Harvard is on a power play.

    Paul Karpowich made a variety of nice saves.

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    Julien Cayer took a shot on goal, and now Harvard is given a penalty.

    Nick Tremblay takes the puck over the line, but it is taken away and shot down the ice by a Harvard player.

    The power play for Clarkson is over. Clarkson has been outshot 11 ~ 2 so far this period.


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      Clarkson has had two power plays and now has been outshot 14 ~ 3 during Period 1.

      Paul Karpowich made another good save and kept the puck out of the CU net.


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        Matt Beca took a shot on goal, but Harvard got the puck and skated into the Clarkson zone. Lauri Tuohimaa now has the puck as it goes back to the Harvard zone.

        Paul Karpowich is still keeping busy blocking shots.

        Bryan Rufenach has the puck, and it goes to Mark Borowiecki. Clarkson keeps good pressure on Harvard, and Harvard is given a cross checking penalty.....with only 15 seconds remaining in Period 1.

        Harvard controls the face off, and the period ends with Harvard taking 16 shots and Clarkson taking either 3 or 4 shots on goal. We will start the second period on the power play.

        The score is Harvard 1 and Clarkson still waiting to score a goal.



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          Period 2 is underway and Clarkson is still on the power play.

          Bryan Rufenach passes to Nick Tremblay who takes a good shot on goal.

          Corey Tamblyn has won most of his faceoffs toknight against Harvard.

          Jake Morley is driven to the call, naturally.

          Nik Pokulok is sent to the penalty box for

          Harvard still leads 1 ~ 0.

          Jeremiah fakes the shot and then shoots it down the ice as Harvard's power play continues a bit longer.

          Harvard wins the draw and Paul makes two great saves, but then Harvard knocks the puck in on a rebound. This was a power play goal for Harvard.

          The score is now Harvard


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            Oh dear, a Clarkson player is sent to the penalty box. Paul Karpowich has faced a lot of shots already and saved them all during this power play. Three more shots on Paul Karpowich. Shots on goal....Harvard 26....Clarkson 4.

            What on earth is wrong with this team? You can't win unless you shoot...and score.

            Brandon DeFazio takes the puck into the Harvard zone and loses control of the puck before he can shoot. Harvard is still pushing inside the Clarkson zone, and Paul Karpowich made a diving save.


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              A Harvard player hit a Clarkson player from behind, but only a two-minute penalty was called. The Clarkson coaches were very angry, as they felt it should have been a five-minute boarding call, not just two minutes.

              Corey Tamblyn took a decent shot on goal, as the Clarkson power play moves right along. Tim Marks takes a shot and tries a wrap around.

              About nine minutes left in Period Two....Clarkson has been outshot badly.


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                Matt Wilson is hit from behind by a Harvard player, and he staggered off the call made against Harvard...unbelievable!

                Paul Karpowich continues to play well. Shots on goal continue to favor Harvard....29 ~ 5, which includes four Clarkson power plays.

                Harvard is called for hooking. I hear the Clarkson Pep Band playing in the background.

                Bryan Rufenach took a great shot on the Harvard goal.

                So far, Clarkson has taken one shot on the power play.


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                  Matt Wilson passes to the high slot and Corey Tamblyn gets the puck. A Harvard penalty is accessed for high sticking on Tim Marks.

                  So,the Golden Knights will try again to score on their sixth power play.

                  Dan Reed shoots the puck and so does Bryan Rufenach.

                  Clarkson has taken a total of seven shots during six power plays toknight.

                  Mark Borowiecki shoots the puck, but it hits Scott Freeman right on the ankle.

                  Clarkson's power play is almost over, and so is Period 2.

                  Harvard leads 2 ~ 0.
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                    Period 3 is now beginning.....shoot, shoot, and shoot some more Clarkson Golden Knights.

                    Jake Morley shoots near the net.

                    Now Harvard has the puck and shoots it at Paul Karpowich.

                    Jeremiah Crowe's shot just misses Brandon DeFazio's stick.

                    Julien Cayea puts on some pressure in the Harvard zone.....with Dan Reed.

                    Mark Borowiecki takes the puck into the Harvard zone.


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                      Brandon DeFazio took a hard shot on goal, but the puck was taken down the ice by two Harvard players.

                      It doesn't seem the Golden Knights can get anything going as far as scoring goals.

                      Scott Freeman has the puck now, and Tim Marks tried to move with the puck, but he could not.

                      With about seven minutes remaining in Period 3, time seems to be running out for the Golden Knights.


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                        Clarkson has now taken 13 shots....6 in this final third period. The Golden Knights have generated very little offense in this game.

                        Harvard has played great game with a lead.

                        Bryan Rufenach scores Clarkson's first goal on his own rebound, after Scott Freeman got the puck out to Bryan from behind the net.

                        Score is now Harvard....2.....Clarkson...1


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                          WAY TO GO, CLARKSON GOLDEN KNIGHTS.

                          SCORE IS NOW CLARKSON....2 AND Harvard.....2

                          2:36 remaining in Period 3.


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                            Clarkson is going on a power play now, with a tied score of 2 ~ 2.

                            Brandon DeFazio takes the faceoff and wins it.

                            Matt Borowiecki took a shot on net.

                            2:14 left in Period 3.

                            Out come Bryan, Scott, and Brandon, Matt.....

                            Matt Beca wins the draw.

                            Clarkson takes a time out.


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                              Clarkson's power play expires with 35 seconds to go in regulation time.

                              Harvard took a shot off someone's ankle, but not into the Clarkson goal.

                              The game is tied at two apiece at the end of the game, and we are going to overtime. What an exciting time for Clarkson Golden Knights fans.