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  • Is Clarkson turning into the New England Patriots where great players come for a year at the end of their careers so they can have their best crack at a national title?

    Fun fact: presuming both transfer rumors are true, both players have been on the receiving end of 1–0 defeat to Clarkson...
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  • It'd be interesting to see who we'd be getting out of Quinnipiac. Hopefully a defensive player (although it would be good to also have a second line capable of scoring, even if Gabel putting up 100 points next season wouldn't shock me if the first line continues to develop), since that's where we're...
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  • You left out 2 with Northeastern in Belfast.

    Also, no guarantee on the Vermont series since last year was a home-and-home. Minnesota–Duluth coming to Clarkson is big though, as they and Clarkson are the only pair of NCAA champions that have yet to meet....
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  • Hydra88
    replied to Matt Curley
    I imagine it's because no one let them know. If you're wondering how they could miss something in the local paper, I think the small staff has something to do with that. I am not sure, but I think is largely the responsibility of one person (Gary Mikel). There may be others, but...
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