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    One of the things I've always wanted on was an online photo gallery. Many of us have pictures we'd like to share, not only of the Knights, but of alumni reunions and other gatherings. They aren't doing us any good in (physical) albums, memory cards, or on CDs

    I've installed the Coppermine Photo Gallery software, and officially unofficially christened it the Photo Gallery. (smashes a beer against side of computer)

    It is available here:

    Despite the name, it will also accept video & audio files. Please try to keep these reasonably sized.

    You will NOT need to re-register. Your Roundtable logins will work for the Gallery. I'll try to get a link in place on the page header sometime in the next couple of days.

    There's already a basic album structure in place, which will undoubtedly change over the next few days as photos are uploaded. If you have suggestions for albums & categories, or would like one created, please let me know.

    For the time being, all photos will be reviewed by me or the moderators before becoming visible on the Gallery. This will allow them to be sorted into appropriate categories & albums. Please try to include a description, if possible.

    I know I don't have to tell you this because it's almost never been an issue in the past six years, but please don't upload anything illegal or anything that can get you (or me) in trouble. This especially includes copyrighted stuff, unless you own the copyright (i.e. you took it yourself), have a 'fair-use' rationale, or have explicit authorization from the copyright holder to do so (i.e. Creative Commons license)

    The ability to upload is subject to available disk space. There's plenty of space now, and honestly I don't see this being an issue because I just switched to a host that offers much more disk space. However, I and/or the moderators reserve the right to monitor disk usage and resize and/or remove content if this becomes an issue in the future.

    I'll be uploading my photos from the '07 ECAC Tournament, and some snaps from various Alumni Reunions.


    Clarkson '00 (MIS) * WCKN *