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    From now on, new users will need to be approved by me or one of the moderators before they're allowed to post.

    Please don't think that this was done arbitrarily; the fact is, I really didn't want to do that. The current system of requiring a valid email address has, for the past eight years, worked admirably in keeping the Roundtable spam-free. However, spamming & attempts to spam have increased to the point where it's taking up a good deal time to address.

    The last straw came earlier today when a spammer posted an ad in the Coffee Shop for forum spamming software. It boasted a laundry list of features that, quite honestly, made me want to puke (see image) For the less technically inclined, they claim to able to get through any sort of protection that forum owners use to prevent automated registrations & post spamming.

    Should the situation improve in the future, I will reconsider.


    Clarkson '00 (MIS) * WCKN *