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CLARKSON versus brown January 17, 2009

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  • CLARKSON versus brown January 17, 2009

    I am a bit late in tuning in this afternoon, so I missed the pre-game show. I expect the Clarkson ~ brown game will be starting momentarily.

    Here we go Clarkson. here we go.

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    Paul Karpowich is the goaltender today....the faceoff is won by brown, but taken away by Clarkson.

    The senior line consists of Chris D'alvise with Shea Guthrie, and Matt Beca (a junior).

    The sophomore line includes Lauri Tuohimma, Scott Freeman, and Brandon DeFazio.

    Clarkson's third line consists of Louke Oakley, Julien Cayer, and Nick Tremblay.

    Our fourth line is made up of Dan Tuttle, Jake Morley, and Tim Marks.


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      Brown took a shot which went over the Clarkson goal.

      Tim Marks has had several hard hits against brown players.

      Chris D'Alvise shoots, and the puck is stopped by the brown goalie.

      Phil Paquet blocks a pass and Clarkson has the puck.

      Both teams had good opportunities with shots on goal.

      Paul makes two good saves.


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        The audio broadcast is highly improved over last night's broadcast.

        Mark Borowiecki put the puck out front of the brown net, and Clarkson had another good scoring chance. Nick Tremblay took a shot on goal.

        13:36 remain in Period 1.

        Brown goes over the line and is offside....

        Jake Morley passes to Dan Tuttle and the puck is deflected into the crowd.

        The crowd is very small.

        Jon Marshall shoots at goal.


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          There is no score in the game yet.

          Shea Guthrie shoots just wide of the goal.

          Brown attempts to shoot at goal, but Phil Paquet takes away the puck by sliding along the ice.

          Lauri Tuohimma was hit in the head.

          Paul Karpowich makes another save.

          Julien Cayer brings the puck close to the net.



          8:50 left in Period 1.
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            Clarkson was in over the line, but they were called offsides.

            Chris D'Alvise shoots again and has a good chance.

            Paul saved three consecutive shots on the Clarkson goal.

            A brown player ran into Lauri Tuohimma, and Clarkson goes on its first power play.

            Bryan Rufenach controls the puck and passes it to Scott Freeman, who passes it over to Chris D'Alvise for a shot.


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              Oh dear, another one of those nasty breaks for Clarkson....Clarkson lost control of the puck.

              Just as Yale did last night, Brown scored on a short-handed goal.

              Clarkson has allowed four short-handed goals this season....what a bummer.

              Matt Beca and Chris D'Alvise both shoot on the brown goal and both miss.

              CLARKSON...1 brown....1

              3:35 left in Period 1.


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                Brandon DeFazio and Phil Paquet pass the puck.

                Jon Marshall takes a shot on goal.

                Paul Karpowich makes a pad save, but the whistle had blown to disallow the goal which had trickled into the net......oh my goodness...that was close.

                Matt Beca goes in alone for a shot, but he could not convert on the breakaway....on a great pass from Chris D'Alvise.

                Dan Tuttle handles the puck and is behind the net.

                Period 1 ends....and Clarkson should be ahead by several goals. But the score is

                CLARKSON....1...brown...the same score.


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                  There has been a change in the first Clarkson is credited to ADAM BELLOWS.....WHO SCORES HIS SECOND CAREER GOAL.


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                    Period 2 has begun...

                    Paul Karpowich makes a save.

                    The faceoff is at the center circle.

                    Both Brandon DeFazio and Lauri Tuohimma takes shots on the brown goal.

           nice....brown is called for a penalty

                    Shea Guthrie to Scott Freeman, but the puck is taken and knocked down the ice.

                    And there it goes once again down the ice.

                    Bryan Rufenach has the puck and passes it to Lauri Tuohimma.

                    There is a brown player down behind the net, and the whistle blows to stop play. There was a collison on the ice.


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                      There are no new penalties, as the injured brown player skates off the ice with help.

                      Dan Tuttle takes the final shot on goal as the power play expires.

                      14:52 left in Period 1.


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                        Shea Guthrie shoots the puck through the goal crease, and then Shea takes another shot.

                        Let's Go Clarkson.....we need another goal or two please.

                        It doesn't seem that either team has the momentum.

                        Mark Borowiecki to Nick Tremblay.

                        Brown has the puck and turns it over.

                        Chris D'Alvise from behind the net takes a stops at the goal post and the whistle is blown.

                        Jeremiah Crowe to Matt Beca.


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                          Tim Marks takes the puck but goes in offside.

                          Jake Morley to Dan Tuttle and Clarkson tries again.

                          Scott Freeman to Brandon DeFazio to Lauri Tuohimma, the shot was taken.

                          The game is half over.

                          Scott Freeman loses the puck and Phil Paquet has the same thing happen to him.

                          Julien's shot was tipped by Nick Tremblay...but not in.

                          Chris D'Alvise shoots at goal, and Clarkson is all over the bears now.

                          Paul Karpowich covers up the puck.


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                            Mark Borowiecki to Chris D'Alvise's shot is covered by the brown goalie.

                            Chris is doing very well toknight....according to Gary Mikel and Goldie Knight.

                            Adam Bellows to Scott Freeman to Jeremiah Crowe. Bryan Rufenach shoots and so does Jeremiah Crowe.

                            Brandon shoots and Scott Freeman does too.

                            Darn it, two brown players pick up a loose puck, and they go in on a two on one and wouldn't you know it, brown scores its second

                            CLARKSON....1 brown....2


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                              Matt Beca is called for elbowing, and the brownies go on the power play

                              What a stroke of bad luck for the Golden Knights to have done everything except score, and then brown scored.

                              HOW AWFUL IS THIS....brown just scored 16 seconds into their power play. This is brown's third goal.

                              Now the Golden Knights are behind 3 ~ 1.