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GAME #2 CLARKSON versus union March 7, 2009

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  • GAME #2 CLARKSON versus union March 7, 2009

    The news is already discouraging....Phil Paquet has a high ankle sprain and will not play...neither will Ty Mason, the other Co-Captain. In addition, Louke Oakley will not play. He tweaked something in his abdomen last knight.

    Continuing with the goaltending rotation, Richie LaVeau will be in the Clarkson net. More in a minute....

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    In the pre-game talk between Bob and George, George credited Union with playing very well last knight. Clarkson made too many mistakes in their defensive end....we had bad turnovers too. Toknight Clarkson must play a more physical game, and the defense must get the puck out of our zone.

    Jeremiah Crowe and Jon Marshall will be in the lineup, as well as Cory Tamblyn, who has not played in a while.

    The game is now underway.


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      And the Clarkson Pep Band provides encouragement for the Golden Knights....always a bonus to have them at each game.

      Union just took a shot, and Clarkson has the puck. Matt Beca was hit in the head....and no call was made.

      Tim Marks takes the faceoff, and Union gets the puck.

      Gary mentioned the game last knight also started slowly, just as this game has.

      Scott Freeman is knocked down from call.

      At 3:27 Union scores its first goal....on a turnover just outside the Clarkson blue awful


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        Richie makes another save.

        Julien Cayer passes the puck and Mark Borowiecki keeps it in the zone. Then Union takes over the takes the puck down the ice to the CU zone.

        Richie stops a shot from the faceoff.

        The first goal Clarkson scores toknight will be its 10,000 goal in Clarkson history. Who will score that goal? Gary and Bob think it will be Shea Guthrie or Bryan Rufenach.


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          Union just missed another scoring opportunity, as the Union player's stick was NOT on the ice.....yeah.

          Dan Reed passes to Julien Cayer and on to Tim Marks, who cannot take a shot.

          Shea passes to Jeremiah Crowe, and then Union takes over.

          Shea drives wide with Chris and Bellows. Mark Borowiecki just misses a tip in.

          Union scores....and thankfully the goal was waved off as the goal was kicked in. Mike Baker the referee disallows the goal.


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            Union shoots the puck at Richie LaVeau.

            Julien is tripped against the call.

            Nick Tremblay shoots, and then Clarkson hits the post.

            Union leads 7 ~ 2 in shots on goal in Period 1.

            Richie makes another save.

            Matt Beca to Shea Guthrie and the shot is taken.

            Chris D'Alvise just made Clarkson's best shot in the game, but it did not go in the net.


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              Richie saves a shot against the goal post.

              Mark Borowiecki just made a great check on a Union player. Dan Reed just shot on the net.

              Bryan Rufenach was hit hard into the call.

              Julien was checked into the net and thus into the Union goalie...but Julien was pushed into the net.

              Julien was sent to the penalty box and now he is no longer punishment I guess.....foolish referee.

              Adam Bellows takes the puck, and it is iced.

              Jake Morley takes the puck and then Union takes over.

              Cory Tamblyn is given a Clarkson penalty for hooking, with 4:07 remaining in Period 1. Oh dear, Union took eight seconds to score, and now leads Clarkson 2 ~ 0.


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                Union just took a shot off the goal post....where is the Clarkson game plan?

                Icing is called against Union, and Lauri Tuohimma takes the faceoff for Clarkson.

                Brandon DeFazio takes the puck and skates down the ice.

                Shots on goal Union...12... Clarkson...only 4....a big statistic.

                Julien Cayer receives a pass from Dan Tuttle and shoots on goal.


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                  Union wins the faceoff, and Matt Beca took a great shot and was then hammered to the ice by a dirty dutchman.

                  FINALLY, a Union penalty with 63 seconds left in Period 1.

                  Oh Mercy No....a shorthanded Union goal.


                  Adam Bellows passes to Nick Tremblay and then Mark Borowiecki attempts to shoot the puck.

                  Union's third goal was the result of a Clarkson turnover too.

                  This dreadful period is finally over.


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                    SCOTT FREEMAN SCORES CLARKSON'S 10,000 GOAL


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                      Clarkson is playing well now, and nearly scored another goal.

                      Shea tries a wrap-around and then Adam Bellows shoots on goal.

                      Shea shoots again, and Clarkson is coming very close to scoring.

                      Paul Karpowich has been in goal since the beginning of Period 2.


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                        Clarkson is down by two goals.

                        Mark Borowiecki shoots on goal.

                        Clarkson has tied Union in shooting....each team has 16 shots.

                        Union wins the faceoff, and Jon Marshall hits a Union player hard.

                        Scott Freeman also scored Clarkson's first goal last knight.


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                          Dan Reed passes to Brandon DeFazio and then Adam Bellows shoots on goal.

                          Union is called for a penalty, but we will have to wait a moment to see if Brandon is called for contact with the Union goaltender. ???

                          Clarkson goes on the power play. Faceoff won by Clarkson.
                          Matt Beca shoots, and then Bryan Rufenach gets the puck. Scott Freeman has another chance to score. Chris D'Alvise has the puck and Shea's shot nearly went into the net.

                          Paul K. just made a great save on a 2 on 1 break by Union...whew.

                          Paul just made three consecutive saves.


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                            9:39 remains in Period 2.

                            Union...3...Clarkson....only 1

                            Dan Tuttle shoots on goal, and Tim Marks gets the puck.

                            Shea Guthrie shoots wide of the net.

                            Clarkson is pressuring Union, and Dan Reed takes the puck.

                            Paul just made two great stops.

                            Union has a 2 on 1 developing, but they went in offsides.


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                              Union again shoots, and Paul again makes the save.

                              Dan Reed knocks down a Union shot. And then Union continues to control the puck.

                              Shea and Chris take the puck into the Union zone. Then Union gets the puck and moves it into the Clarkson zone.

                              Heavy hitting is taking place on the ice.

                              Brandon DeFazio passes to Lauri Tuohimma and a shot is taken.

                              Scott passes to Lauri Tuohimma and on to Jake Morley, who nearly scores, followed by Cory Tamblyn nearly scores too.

                              Chris D'Alvise pulls down a Union player and Union goes on its second power play.